How do I get started with my Intuos Creative Stylus 2?

First of all, prepare your stylus:

1. Please make sure that the stylus is charged.

2. Check if a firmware update is available for your stylus. We have an easy-to-use app for your iPad that helps you check and update the firmware on your stylus. Just download Wacom Stylus Update in the App Store



Then, prepare your iPad:

1. Open your iPad settings.

2. Activate Bluetooth.

3. In "General" settings, switch off "Multitasking Gestures" for optimal palm rejection and stable connections.

The Intuos Creative Stylus 2 works best with supporting apps. If you don’t have a supporting app installed on your iPad, you should get one (or several). A list of compatible apps is available on


Once you have a supporting app installed on your iPad, you can pair it with your stylus:

1. Open the supporting app and find its settings menu. Enable stylus support in the settings.

2. Press the side switch on your stylus. The blue light will start to blink.

3. Pairing is completed when the LED lights up for two seconds.

Repeat the last steps with each supporting app you want to use with the stylus. The location of the settings menu and the precise steps necessary will vary from app to app, so please follow the instructions in the apps.

On you’ll find videos that show how to set up some of the most popular apps.