What color calibration tools do you recommend? Does Cintiq 27QHD support DDC/CI?

Wacom will release the Wacom Color Manager accessory. It will consist of a colorimeter and software specifically customized for the scalar in Cintiq 27QHD. The benefits of using the Wacom Color Manager are as follows:

Better quality image quality - uses native capabilities of the monitor and is not restricted by the limitations of the computer graphics card. Allows:

  • Adjustment of grayscale gamma, white point, and primaries made with significantly more accuracy when the internal scalar LUTs and matrix are employed
  • Significant improvement in grayscale image “smoothness” is achieved with the internal scalar signal processing
  • Storing and applying calibration setting inside the display benefits:
    • All settings are persistent over computer reboot and monitor power cycles
    • All settings stay with the monitor if it is moved from one work-station to another with no need to recalibrate
    • Since settings are applied at the monitor, and not to data being sent to the monitor, a number of monitors can be daisy chained together or driven with the same data remotely while maintaining their internal calibration data. Instead of calibrating the data to the monitor (using host calibration) the monitor is calibrated to the data.
    • Multiple monitors can be driven from a single host computer and all will maintain their own specific calibrations

Other benefits:

  • Adjustment based on end-user’s own environment
  • Protects from monitor drifts and changes over time.
  • Precise calibration to user defined standards or to the performance of a customer’s own reference monitor.
  • Periodic calibration using display specific software tools provides display calibration that takes environment, panel ageing, and ambient light levels into account for highest accuracy.

The Wacom Color Manager is produced in partnership with X-rite using the i1 Display Pro instrument. Cintiq 27QHD supports the DDC 2B and DDC/CI standards. Color calibration tools from other manufacturers should work although they may or may not directly support the scalar in Cintiq. Please contact the manufacturer to confirm that their products will work with these Cintiqs.