Why has Wacom decided to enter the computer business?

Wacom has a history of developing products that meet the needs of its customers, and we received large amounts of customer feedback asking us to develop a portable professional Cintiq. Our customers told us that the tablet PCs currently available on the consumer market are not sufficient for the needs of creative professionals and enthusiasts. Hence, Wacom developed a professional creative tablet with Intel® Core™ processors and Windows 8.1 designed specifically for professional creatives:

·        Outstanding pen performance and ergonomics with 2048 levels of pressure and tilt

·        Cintiq® Connect technology that adapts easily to the work experience you want, where you need it.  Use it as a powerful stand-alone Windows 8.1 tablet or attach it to a Mac or PC as a Cintiq display

·        ExpressKeys and Rocker Ring for fast access to shortcut keys and frequently used functions

·        On-screen controls to provide more access to shortcuts and other functions

·        An excellent 13.3” screen, which is an optimal size for drawing while remaining portable

·        A non-glossy surface for authentic pen-on-paper feeling

·        Stable creative stand with a range of angles that can accommodate the pressure of drawing

·        Support for both left- and right- handed use

·        Industrial Design especially developed to meet customers’ needs and support their workflow