I have recently bought wireless kit for intuos 5 but it is not working well.

We advise you to follow the steps below tfor troubleshooting.

1. Check if the wireless receiver and dongle are properly connected to the active USB ports of the PC then also try the other active USB ports.

2. Remove any metallic object that may be in the line of sight between the tablet and the wireless receiver connected to your Mac.

3. Move the tablet closer to your computer to get a connection.

4. Turn off other devices that use 2.4GHz radio spectrum or move them further away from your PC such as remote controls, Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, etc.

5. Make sure that you have installed the latest tablet driver on your PC. You can download and install the latest driver for your tablet from the link below:

(Wacom - Product Drivers)

a) Select your Tablet model: Intuos 5
b) Select your Operating System: Windows 7
c) Click Download on the far right of the latest updated driver: Driver 6.3.5-3 Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP

Note: Make sure to uninstall the current driver first before installing the latest driver. We also advise you to unplug the tablet and reboot your PC after uninstalling the driver. After installing the tablet driver, we suggest that you reboot your PC and reconnect your tablet.

6. Check on the tablet driver if the battery is charging. The LED on the side of the tablet should lit amber when charging and green if it is fully charged.

Click Start > All Programs > Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Properties > under Tools, click Functions > Wireless tab > check for the battery charge percentage and if it is charging.

7. Set the Battery Power Saving Mode to 20 minutes.

Click Start > All Programs > Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Properties > under Tools, click Functions > Wireless tab > under Battery, slide the switch to 20 minutes.

8. Unplug the tablet from the PC and press the power button of the Wireless Accessory Kit. The LED of the tablet should light up.

If the above steps have been followed but the problem still remains, we suggest you contact the local repair service for further assistance on hardware checking of the Wireless Accessory Kit.