Why should I buy a Cintiq Companion as against an Apple iPad or other tablets?

The Cintiq Companion was designed specifically for artists and other digital content creators. As such, it has some unique features not found on the MS Surface Pro or other tablets:

·        Larger screen size compared to most – 13.3”, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. This makes drawing easier.

·        Matte display surface with to support best drawing with authentic pen-on-paper feeling. Most tablets have a shiny surface which does not offer enough friction for comfortable drawing.

·        Latest Intel® Core™ processor technology with premium components such as 512GB Solid State Drive. Thus the Cintiq Companion can run professional creative software such as Adobe® Photoshop® or Autodesk® Maya. Most tablets are much less powerful.

·        Full professional stylus

o   2048 levels of pressure (versus 1028 on other tablets)

o   Pen tilt: the stylus tilts like a real brush and the professional software will reflect the angle in the drawing.

o   Rotation: the stylus can be rotated along the tablet axis and the professional software will adapt the brush stroke accordingly (Art Pen only, sold separately)

o   Side switches for shortcuts

o   Eraser

o   Everything about the Pro Pen is designed for precision, control and comfort. The ergo flare keeps your fingers from sliding as you work; the materials are soft to the touch. Other tablets have a thin stylus which is only intended for pointing and selecting.

·        A stable stand that can take the weight and pressure of a person drawing on the screen without the tablet bending or moving. The stand can be used in 3 different angles (as well as flat) for more comfortable drawing.

·        Six ExpressKeys (buttons) are for shortcuts used with professional graphics software. You can customize them to fit your workflow. This is a unique feature which no other tablets offer.

·        On-screen controls (soft keys). These are like ExpressKeys and can be used for program shortcuts in professional graphics software. Four banks of eight keys or sliders can be used at a time and are usually assigned to the four positions of the Rocker Ring. They can also be assigned to the ExpressKeys if preferred.

·        Sturdy pen carrying case for the stylus and spare nibs

·        Soft case with space for the stylus, cables and optional Wireless Bluetooth® keyboard (available through Wacom eStores).