What does the Specialized PC Certification mean?

Microsoft requires us to inform customers that the Cintiq Companion is a Specialized PC device. To meet the needs of graphics professionals, Wacom moved the Windows Home button to the side of the bezel (with Microsoft’s approval). This provides better functionality for professional creative use. Consequently, the Cintiq Companion is certified for Windows 8 as a Specialized PC (SPC). While we are not aware of any compatibility issues, as part of the Windows 8 certification program, we are obliged to inform customers that certain Windows 8 features or functionalities may not work as expected.

Here is the message that we are required to use on our external materials:

The Cintiq Companion has been certified for Windows 8 as a Specialized PC (SPC). The SPC certification program allows for the certification of commercial devices designed with industry specific features that conflict with the standard Windows 8 certification requirements. As a result, certain features or functionality of Windows 8 may not work as expected.  For complete details, including information about features which are not in compliance with the standard Windows 8 certification requirements go to cintiqcompanion@wacom.com.