FAQ for Intuos new products


Q: Is Intuos the right product for me?

A: The Intuos product line is designed for people who want to express themselves by creating art on computers. Use the Intuos to sketch or paint, create comics, scrapbook or decorate photos. The possibilities are endless. Intuos is fun to use and will bring your creativity to the next level.


Q: What are the key features of Intuos?

A: These beautiful and slim Intuos pen tablets come in a updated design with two sizes. The pressure-sensitive pens offer proven Wacom pen technology, and two customizable side switches. The durable paper-like surface provides a natural feel when drawing or painting. Updated design of the four ExpressKeys that recognize the software used and offer ideal settings. All Intuos tablets work with the Wacom Wireless Accessory Kit. Otherwise, a detachable USB cable provides reliable and simple connectivity.


Q: How do I choose the right tablet size for me?

A: Choosing the right size tablet is a personal choice depending how you plan to use it. The most popular size is medium which offers more space to draw freehand lines. Those with limited space or that need a tablet for mobile use may prefer the small one.


Q: What are the different Models and sizes of the Intuos Tablets



Intuos Pen Draw Fun: Blue

Intuos Pen Draw Fun: White

Intuos Pen & Touch Art: Blue

Intuos Pen & Touch Art: Black

Intuos Pen & Touch Comic: Blue

Intuos Pen & Touch Comic: Black

Intuos Pen & Touch Photo: Black



Intuos Pen & Touch Art: Blue

Intuos Pen & Touch Art: Black


Q: Why multi-touch?

A: Multi-touch improves the workflow mainly by enhancing the ease of navigation. We’re seeing customers use it in ways they never expected as part of the creative process. The precision and control of the pen combined with the natural and intuitive nature of touch is powerful and will drive richer experiences and results


Q: How does multi-touch with Intuos work with Windows and Mac OS?

A: Intuos offers single-touch and multi-touch interaction. Multi-touch allows performing gestures for scrolling, zooming, rotating, switching apps and many more. The gesture guide on the website http://us.wacom.com/~/media/WTC/Files/Manuals/Current/Wacom%20Gesture%20... illustrates and explains each gesture well.


Q: What applications does Intuos support as standard with multi-touch?

A: Intuos multi-touch the standard Microsoft applications (including Windows Photo viewer) and Apple as well as the main applications from Adobe, Corel, Autodesk and AmbientDesign (Art Rage). The main Internet browsers are also supported.


Q: How do pen and touch work together?

A: Pen and touch work in an exclusive mode (non-simultaneous) only. Thus customers can either use gestures or the pen, but not both at once. The tablet recognizes when the pen is in its reach and pen input overrides touch input. The tablet is designed this way so customers don’t accidentally execute a gesture while using the pen.


Q: How does the Express View work and is it programmable?

A: By pressing one of the four ExpressKeys, a heads up display immediately appears on the screen showing all of the ExpressKey settings. The settings are application-specific and can be customized for any application.


Q: Which software is bundled with the Intuos products?

A: Intuos includes various software offerings. A detailed list is available wacom.com.


Q: Where is the Software Bundle Download Key located?

A: The Software Bundle Download Key is located on the side of the packaging, along with the model and serial number for the tablet.


Q: How do you deactivate the touch feature?

A: On the Top of the tablet on the right side is a physical Touch Toggle switch, to toggle the touch feature on and off.


Q: What are the dots on the surface of the tablet?

A: The grid on the surface of the tablet displays the active are for the pen, this is the area where your pen will function in on the tablet.


Q: Where is the extra Nibs for the tablet?

A: The Nibs are stored inside the tablet. To access the Nibs, simply slide off the removable panel on the back of the able, the nibs are stored in the middle of the tablet next to the Nib extractor.


Q: How do I change the Nib?

A: To remove a nib, first remove the back panel from the tablet. Next to the stored nibs you will find the Nib Extractor. Simply inset the pen tip in to the Extractor and lightly tilt the pen to make a firm grip. Slowly pull the pen away from the tablet allowing the nip to freely remove the pen. Then remove the old nib from the tablet and discard. Retrieving one of the stored nibs, slide the nip into the pen gently until it is seated in the pen.


Q: Where is the Model number and Serial number for the tablet?

A: The Model number and Serial number for the tablet are located on the back of the tablet under the removable tab. Simply slide open the removable tab, the numbers are located under the barcode.


Q: Can I secure the tablet with a lock?

A: The tablet has a built in Kensington locking port on the tablet. This is often helpful in classrooms when wanting to secure the tablet to a desk.


Q: Does the pen have an eraser?

A: No, the pen included with the Intuos tablets does not have a built-in eraser.


Q: Which accessories are available for Intuos?

A: For Intuos, there is a range of accessories available including the Wireless Accessory Kit and replacement nibs. Additional accessories will be available later in 2013 including carrying cases, a personalization kit, and pens.


Q: What is the Wacom Wireless Accessory kit?

A: With a Wacom Wireless Accessory kit you can conveniently work wirelessly without the clutter of cables. It consists of three parts: the wireless module, a rechargeable battery and a wireless USB receiver. All Intuos, Intuos Pro and Bamboo 3rd generation products except the Bamboo Pen Small are compatible.


Q: Which technology is used for the Wireless Accessory Kit?

A: The Wireless Accessory Kit uses RF technology with 2.4 GHz ISM band and GFSK modulation. RF technology offers a number of advantages: it is compatible with most computers, quickly pairs with the computer and has very good performance with little power consumption.


Q: How long does the battery last when fully charged?

A: Battery operation time depends on the actual Intuos product, applications and the intensity of use. Under normal use, the battery lasts for 5 days on average. Battery operating hours for the Intuos Pen & Touch small are around 15 hours, for the Intuos Pen & Touch medium around 10 hours.


Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

A: In only 3.5 hours the battery charges up to 85% of the full capacity. To fully recharge from 0%, it takes less than 6 hours.


Q: Can the user continue to work during recharge?

A: Yes. When the USB cable is connected, the wireless mode is switched off, the battery starts to recharge and the tablet works in USB connection mode.


Q: Can USB wall chargers be used for recharging?

A: Yes. Standard USB wall chargers with 5 Volt output can be used. The USB cable which is shipped with Intuos should be used to connect the tablet with the USB wall charger. Intuos remains fully functional in wireless mode then.


Q: Are pens from previous Intuos tablets compatible?

A: No, the new line of Intuos tablets uses a different pen technology, which is not compatible with previous generations of Intuos pens.


Q: What if the pen does not position the screen cursor, or otherwise work properly?

A: The tablet driver may not be installed properly. You will only be able to use the pen tip to move the screen cursor and click with the pen tip. For tablet models that combine pen input and touch, basic touch movement will continue to be recognized, but other actions and gestures will not. Install (or reinstall) the driver software for the tablet.


Q: What if the pen does not draw or ink with pressure sensitivity?

A: Some applications require that you turn on the pressure capabilities within the application or the selected tool before the pen will respond as a pressure-sensitive tool. Verify that your application supports pressure sensitivity.


Q: What if clicking is difficult?

A: Try adjusting the Tip Feel to a lighter setting. This adjustment can be found within the Wacom Tablet Properties.


Q: What if double-clicking is difficult?

A: Be sure you are quickly tapping the tablet twice in the same pace on the tablet active area. Wacom recommends using the side switch to double-click. You can also open the Wacom Tablet Properties and navigate to the Pen tab. Try increasing the Tip Double Click Distance, or using a lighter Tip Feel.


Q: How can I be sure the tablet properly recognizes multi-finger touch?

A: If you hold your fingers too close together, the tablet may not recognize them as being separate. Try moving your fingers a little further apart, at least 25 mm (1 inch).