What is the difference between creativity and productivity demo projects?

Productivity demo project is utilising retained mode graphics, while the Creativity demo is utilising immediate mode graphics (directly rendering in bitmap).


Can I render text along with the ink?

Yes, WILL is designed to work in conjunction with other rendering engines, like font type renderers or general 2D graphics libraries.


Can I import images in the canvas?

Yes, images can be imported on the WILL canvas as OpenGL/DirectX/WebGL textures.


Which file formats are supported?

WILL SDK provides built-in support for the WILL stroke file format.  If you have questions about file compatibility for your existing application, please contact us under willdevelopers@wacom.com


Why would I use WILL stroke file format instead of InkML or SVG?

It is more optimal for handwritten content compared to SVG.  It provides for uniform input independent graphical representation across devices unlike InkML.


Can I create my own inking tools?

Yes, inking tools are entirely parametrized and application developers can design their own tools.


How is the inking view represented on different platforms?

SurfaceView or TextureView on Android, CAEAGLLayer on iOS, SwapChainPanel on Windows 8, HTMLCanvas on Web.


Can ink be converted/rendered to bitmap (offscreen)?

Yes, demo projects provide examples of that.


Can I use HTMLCanvas 2D context with WILL?



What is ASM.JS and what is it needed for?

WILL Core modules are coded in C++ and they are compiled to ASM.JS (subset of Javascript) using Emscripten.


I get the following error: "Couldn't load WILLComponents.xcodeproj because it is already opened from another project or workspace"

This happens when you open the Creativity and Productivity Demo simultaneously.  It is caused by the fact that both demos share the WILLComponents.xcodeproj as a sub-project.  The solution is to close both demo projects and then to have only one of them open at a time.  


What is the file format footprint?

For approximately 1 hour of handwriting with 'felt' tool (9353 strokes having 194090 total control points) the resulting file size is 1103 KB.


What is the rendering performance?

For approximately 1 hour of handwriting with 'felt' tool on iPad3 Model MD331FD/A, the performance stats are:

File size:  1103 KB

Strokes count:  9353

Total control points count:  194090

Total time for loading file and rendering:  3.595228 seconds

Loading and processing of stroke file format:  1.154047 seconds

Render time only:  2.441181 seconds